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About Benchmark Environmental

Our goal is to elevate your living or working space to be a healthy, natural environment. Whether commercial, industrial or residential, we are committed to improving the lives of everyone affected by the many different types of toxicity in the living environment. We use a holistic approach by looking at your indoor spaces as a whole and address any and all problem areas.

We are based in Vancouver, Canada – one of the greenest, cleanest cities. We are here to help you understand that there are invisible threats our senses cannot pick up. These threats can affect us all on a daily basis and even though something looks beautiful there may be an underlying issue that can cause health problems.

With awareness, education and a drive to make things more natural, we can make Vancouver a Benchmark Environmental.

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About Jasen Masek, certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electro-Magnetic Radiation Specialist

I have always been excited about technology. I received my diploma in Audio Engineering in 2003, and quickly became a residential technology specialist. I worked on every form of tech in the home – networks, audio, television and security.

I worked for some of the top residential tech firms in Vancouver and I witnessed the evolution of TV from Tube to plasma and then to LCD. I watched the rapid advancement of wireless technology and automation and saw how it benefitted homes

For 13 years I kept crossing potential illnesses off of my list. What was clear to me was I could not focus using a computer longer than an hour, I felt brain fog when using a cell phone and I was nauseated when spending too much time in these vast new homes.

I discovered that I am electrically and chemically sensitive. I then completed the certification on Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist with the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology www.hbelc.org. I am also pursuing a full Building Biology certification.

I am here to help educate and remove the toxic elements of your home and workplace.

Jasen Masek