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About Benchmark EMF Solutions

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – one of the greenest, cleanest cities in the world. A city in the North West Coast of North America. We are so very lucky to live here.

Our goal is to elevate your living or working space to be a healthy, natural environment. Whether commercial, industrial or residential, we are committed to improving the lives of everyone affected by the many different types of toxicity in the living environment. We use a holistic approach by looking at your indoor spaces as a whole and address any and all problem areas.

We are here to help you understand that there are invisible threats our senses cannot pick up. These threats can affect us all on a daily basis and even though something looks beautiful there may be an underlying issue that can cause health problems.



“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in
which it grows, not the flower” Alexander Den Heiser

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About Jasen Masek, certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electro-Magnetic Radiation Specialist

I have always been excited about technology. I received my diploma in Audio Engineering in 2003, and quickly became a residential technology specialist. I worked on every form of tech in the home – networks, audio, television and security.

I worked for some of the top residential tech firms in Vancouver and I witnessed the evolution of TV from Tube to plasma and then to LCD. I watched the rapid advancement of wireless technology and automation and saw how it benefited homes

For 13 years I kept crossing potential illnesses off of my list. What was clear to me was I could not focus using a computer longer than an hour, I felt brain fog when using a cell phone and I was nauseated when spending too much time in these vast new homes.

I discovered that I am electrically and chemically sensitive. I then completed the certification on Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Building Biology Consultant with the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology www.hbelc.org.

I am here to help educate and remove the toxic elements of your home and workplace.

Jasen Masek



Working with Jasen continues to be a blessing for our whole family’s health […]

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Navigating the world of non-native EMFs and their effects on our biology can be […]

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Common questions you might be wondering...

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How close is too close to your mobile technology?
How close is too close to your mobile technology?

Too close to your mobile technology depends on your safety vs convenience and understanding that the radiation field exponentially drops the further you move it away from your body. Every time you double the distance you receive a quarter of the energy. Within every mobile phone manual, there are vague health warnings telling consumers to limit cell phone use and watch proximity.

However, there have been many private studies that suggests that this is not enough. Off our measurements at Benchmark Environmental, we recommend turning your mobile technology into airplane mode as much as possible. When in use, 6 inches from the body at all times, utilizing speakerphone or Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) limiting headsets.

Check out our shop for EMF limiting headsets and other mitigating products such as the Aircom A1 Air Tube or the Aircom A3 Air Tube.

For more resources on the impacts of mobile technology:

Is Wi-Fi too strong in your apartment?
Is Wi-Fi too strong in your apartment?

Your Wi-Fi may be too strong depending on your distance to the router. For Wi-Fi to reach the European Parliament guideline of 106 micro watts/square metre, it is recommended to stay back 4-6 metres. Every time you double the distance, you receive a quarter of the energy.

Based on our measurements, using highly sensitive meters, six metres is the safe distance. We would also recommend that you have the Wi-Fi turned off while you are sleeping so that your cells can rejuvenate and not be disturbed by extra Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) in the air. The best way to use your Wi-Fi is selectively when you need it and to have a wire from your Wi-Fi router to your computer or device so that you do not need to use Wi-Fi at all.

We have worked hard to come up with a solution that enables you to do this with your phone, computer and other devices and have this inexpensive system available in our store. One of the main issues with apartments is the multiple other units running Wi-Fi as well. Having conversations with your neighbours or utilising some of our products will help in mitigating Wi-Fi fields.

For more resources on the impacts of Wi-Fi:

Why do I regularly feel sick or tired at work?
Why do I regularly feel sick or tired at work?

If your workplace is making you sick or tired you will likely feel better by taking a 10-minute break outside after working for a couple of hours. If you feel better, it is reasonable to question the environment you work in. There may be Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) present, or perhaps air quality issues.

The lighting setup at your workplace may also be triggering your biological system to be on alert. Put all of these together and by the end of an 8-hour day your cells are fighting to stay functional which puts a tremendous strain on your body. Have us come and measure your work space and we can show you some simple changes or create a report to take to your management.

For more resources on the impacts of your workplace on your health:

How can I improve my home environment?
How can I improve my home environment?

The first step to improving your home environment is to educate yourself on some of the threats and then try out different methods until you find one that works for you. Possible solutions would be turning off your Wi-Fi and putting mobile devices into airplane mode. There could be faulty electrical wiring in your walls and therefore flipping electric breakers to your bedroom could make you feel better and help you identify where there is a problem in your home.

For air quality you can add a HEPA air filter, as well as plants that have the ability to clear the air of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Another great option is to keep a window open and utilize the bathroom fan to draw air out of the living space. Lastly, take notice of your lighting and perhaps different light bulbs may help. We can come by and assess your particular situation and offer constructive simple solutions to elevate your living environment.

What am I not seeing?
What am I not seeing?

There are many things that human beings are unable to sense. Our senses can only take in a very small amount of information at any given moment and then our brain filters that information to what it believes is the most important and discards the rest. We are therefore designed to react to only acute situations and the long term chronic health issues that arise from toxicity are invisible to our senses. At Benchmark Environmental we are here to help, educate and bring the invisible to the forefront.

How harmful are nearby cell towers?
How harmful are nearby cell towers?

How harmful cell towers are depends on how far they are from you and which direction they are facing. Depending on your angle, every time the distance from the cell tower is doubled, you get a 25% drop in radiation. Two studies, one by the Israel Tel Aviv University and another in Germany in the town of Naila, puts the safe living distance at approximately 400 metres. Benchmark Environmental recommends living spaces should be 500 metres away based off of our measurements. Unfortunately, there is a “catch 22” because if your cellphone is too far away from a tower it is producing a much stronger field while attempting to stay connected.

However, if you are too close to a tower you are heavily radiated by the cell tower. The best solution would be to be 500 metres away and put your cell phone on airplane mode when not in use. Health symptoms from being in close proximity to a cell tower are typically anxiety, fatigue and brain fog. With longer term exposure many more health issues may occur. If you feel a cell tower is too close, have us come by and put your mind at ease with clear solutions.

For more resources on the impacts of cell towers on your health:

Is my new carpet making me nauseous?
Is my new carpet making me nauseous?

It is possible for a new carpet to make someone quite sick. The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), some of which we cannot smell, can affect any part of our system. Symptoms typically start with some dizziness and nausea then moves to include headaches, runny nose, and sneezing. The carpet makes you sick because the carpet and the underlay are “off-gassing”. The gasses have a very easy path through the fatty membranes in your lungs and into your blood stream. The first stop is your brain which causes the dizziness. An easy test is if you feel dizzy around a new carpet try going outside to see if you feel better.

If it makes a difference bring us in to do some quality measurements and we will find a solution for you. At the same time there are many other materials in the home that off-gas and we can find these at the same time.

Do I smell mould?
Do I smell mould?

Luckily our sense of smell is a very good indicator that there may be mould in your living space. Mould is a pungent almost chemical smell. It can initially make your eyes itchy or perhaps give you cold like symptoms. If you leave your living space and symptoms improve this could be a sign that mould is present. We can come by to do a quick air sampling and expedite the lab work if necessary. We will then work with you to pinpoint possible mould locations and create a prevention plan.

Can I get a headache from my car?
Can I get a headache from my car?

Yes, there are many reasons you may be feeling ill while in the car. First, air quality is an issue because of the commercial products used in new cars and they typically off-gas for many years. As the car ages mould may be a concern as it can take hold in the ventilation system of the car and cause an air quality issue. Secondly, Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs), such as Bluetooth or the high level of technology used in cars, can also produce large fields and overtime can cause fatigue and headaches.

Lastly, a car is a sealed metal enclosure where all of these elements stay and have a tough time escaping. Luckily some vehicles fair better than others and these diamonds in the rough can be found by measuring with highly sensitive meters.

Smart Meters not so smart?
Smart Meters not so smart?

Smart Meters are a great technological advancement for the efficiency of the power companies, however they are compounding our living environment woes. Using a pulsating data technology called Zigbee, Smart Meters send out a strong signal every minute or so to communicate with surrounding meters and to send information to a gathering tower nearby.

To reach an exposure level approved by the European Parliament, the Smart Meter has to be 4-6 metres away from your living area. If you choose to have the meter removed, you will be penalized by the Electrical Company and your monthly bill will go up. We can come up with a solution to save you that monthly bill and make you feel safe at home.

Is my drinking water safe?
Is my drinking water safe?

Drinking water in Vancouver is safe and some of the best in the world. However, in older buildings or due to poor plumbing practices, water quality may have been compromised. Long term use of poor water quality causes chronic issues in the digestive system. We can come and confirm that you have clean water in your living space.

To check the quality of water in your area:

Why do I feel uncomfortable in certain rooms?
Why do I feel uncomfortable in certain rooms?

Being uncomfortable in certain rooms is caused by a variety of undetected reasons. Possibilities include: sitting beside an electrical miss wire, a hidden Wi-Fi booster, fluorescent lighting, old foam furniture, new carpets, a poorly serviced heating or cooling system and an appliance where too much Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide or Ozone is forming.

It could even be your home was built over an aquifer or a small ore deposit causing geo magnetic fields. It is also possible that radon gas from a natural radioactive material is accumulating in your crawl space. The list is long and arduous, if you are unsure but have concerns we can help guide you back to a more natural living state.

For resources on how to improve your space: