Time Sensitive EMF Inspections

Typical Time Sensitive EMF Assessment cost is $250 -$500. Plus applicable taxes and $50/hr travel time depending on location

A rapid search of any red flags and deal breaker elements to the property. The more time available the more detail provided. Easy assimilation and partnership with any certified home inspector. The below will be provided but limited data will be available based on time.

Pre-purchase Home EMF Inspection

Efficient and accurate measurement of electromagnetic activity in home and work environments to detect, locate, and reduce harmful pollution levels from:

  • Dirty electricity (Micro Surge Pollution)
  • Faulty building wiring
  • Wireless devices
  • Cellular antennas
  • Cordless electronics
  • Earth Magnetometer testing


Snap shot data, shielding solutions and reduction advice to mitigate the negative health impact of electromagnetic pollution. Shielding techniques and materials used are variant on the source, field type, and frequency.

  • Magnetic
  • Electric
  • Dirty Electricity filtration
  • RF
  • 5G
  • Solution management
  • Shielding design & installation management

Indoor Air Quality Consultation (IAQ):

Indoor environmental  detection of sources and identify solutions for many types of air quality issues.

  • Dust and particulate assessment
  • Volatile organic chemical assessment & interpretation
  • Moisture/Humidity/Microbial growth concern recommendations



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