Low EMF Home Design

Initial Property EMF Consultation

Total control is possible over potential in-home sources, but fields from power lines or nearby radio/TV and cell towers can be very difficult to overcome, making site selection important. Reveal the impact of any nearby electrical facilities or radio frequency sources and create a plan to mitigate problem areas.

Project Overview and Analysis

Initial meeting with architect and builder. Specific guidance on placement of electrical equipment and feeders, and on selection of wiring methods and materials. Revision of specs to include environmental/ building biology parameters.


Network/Internet Planning

  • Low Radiation Wireless strategic placement/installation.
  • Discussion with your Networking provider.
  • Planning for hard wire/ethernet /installation

Recommendations for Electricians

Punch list of acceptable practices and common problem areas. Whenever possible, in-person support and demonstrations are provided to ensure a solid understanding of requirements. Grounding system design, smart meter placement, plumbing system grounding

Shielding Design

Specifications and installation instructions for any required shielding. If everything is done right, the need for shielding is often eliminated, saving substantial money and producing a better overall result.

Contractor Support

Ongoing dialogue with your builder and electrical contractor. Availability for all forms of communication. Interim site visits.

Equipment Testing and Selection

Guidance and testing in selection of low field lighting, dirty electricity filtering, mechanical home devices

Project Verification Survey

Comprehensive analytical assessment following completion of wiring and power-up of house, to include written report.

Electrical Engineering Services

When engineering sign off is required this service is also provided


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