Vancouver Power Line EMF Assessment Consultation

Power Line EMF Assessment Consultation

Typical Power Line EMF Assessment cost is $350. Plus applicable taxes

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to conduct. Ideal time is later than 5pm for accurate results.

You cannot tell by looking at a Transmission line or Distribution line what the EMF level will be. It must be measured. Ideal time for measurements is in the evening, but can be done during the day.   It is then reviewed and compared to safety guidelines in Canada and around the world.

Typical Power Line EMF Assessment includes:

    • Electrical EMF measurements (both AC Magnetic and AC Electric Fields) from the power line directly to two locations on the property
    • May include EMF measurements in sleeping areas in the home if possible.
    • Digital report with graphs of logged fields.
    • Information on what the line is used for and its purpose in the area.
    • Discussion of EMF Safety Guidelines Worldwide including Canada.
    • Discussion regarding measured EMF and possible solutions.

For real estate transactions it is understood it requires a faster turnaround time, therefor a longer verbal discussion will happen prior to the report.




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