Useful resources

Benchmark EMF Solutions is your portal for all information for you to live a healthier life. Below are some useful resources on the web. Contact us if you would like to discuss any of these in detail and how it can pertain to your own personal situation.

**** EMF PORTAL. The top website for peer reviewed published science on the biological effects of EMF.  Very simple and straightforward.

EMF Portal

***EHTrust. A Comprehensive, Up to date, well sourced WEBSITE on RF ELF Science and Multiple Social/Political Wireless Issues as well as many resources for advocates. The website was originated by Dr. Devra Davis,  leading epidemiologist and scientist in Public Health and cell phones. Formerly spearheaded University of Pittsburgh brain cancer research program into cell phones.

***Physicians for Safe Technology. – Produced by several Doctors and Scientists. A well organized and designed website that highlights on wide array of Scientific research involving multiple areas of the body effected by RF radiation. Also included is a comprehensive Policy sections highlighting all the national and Internationals actions and policies taken by various governmental authorities. It also includes many Links and Resources

What is 5G. A website designed to explain the next evolution of wireless technology and how it will impact our health and safety, including privacy and security. Offers advice on how to confront this dangerous technology.

Science for Wired Technology– Excellent website on the technical aspects of 5G, as well as offering alternatives for communicating  through advanced wired connections as found in fiber optic technologies.

Microwave News – a highly respected journal  website spanning 25 years of reporting on  Electromagnetic radiation effects on health – emphasis on the politics, scientists involved in the research.  In. The editor has an education in physics was involved in advocacy science against various toxins prior to his authorship of “Microwave News”

SafeEMR Website – is spearheaded by Director  for Family and Community Health School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley. The website is an in depth and historical analytical perspective  of all the current events that transpire on the Wireless health front both science and politics. It keeps up with many of the current research studies on this issue.

EMFWise: thorough Introduction into science with good factual Referencing

Website Database  showing both Positive & No-Effect RF/microwave Research – well categorized

EMF Safety Network – popular website,  emphasis on Smart Meter (Microwave Utility meters)  activist issues, but also covers a wide array of EMF issues.  Includes a rich source of links and scientific information.

Dr. Magda Havas Website/ Webpage of Historical RF health research conducted by Military & Russian scientist on biological effects of RF radiation.

ElectromagneticHealth website – a colorful , engaging website for the consumer interested in understanding and protecting themselves from harmful effects of wireless and other EMF radiation.  Special features are audio interviews and quotes from professionals, scientists who have been involved in the field for over 20 years.

EHHI – One Webpage of an Excellent Review of the Science with Tables and Descriptive summary of the Studies  from varied Biological Categories.