EMF Assessment Consultation

EMF Residential and Commercial Testing

Typical Home/Commercial EMF Assessment cost is $250-$900. Plus applicable taxes

For example a 2 bedroom home will be approximately 4 hours and is $500 plus tax.

What is included:

Introduction to EMFs, what is measured and why?

Efficient and accurate measurement of electromagnetic activity in 4 high use areas of the home and work environments to detect, locate, and reduce harmful pollution levels from:

  • Faulty building wiring
  • Wireless devices
  • Cellular antennas
  • Cordless electronics
  • Dirty electricity (Micro Surge Pollution)
  • Earth Magnetometer testing


  • A handwritten snap shot of data, shielding solutions and reduction advice to mitigate the negative health impact of electromagnetic pollution.
  • Shielding techniques and materials used are variant on the source, field type, and frequency.
  • EMF exposure guidelines for Canada and Worldwide.
  • Optional detailed/graphed/logged data in an extended report for those who require or are interested more information.

What is assessed:

  • AC Electric radiation
  • AC Magnetic radiation
  • Dirty Electricity (Micro Surge Pollution)
  • Radio Frequency Radiation
  • Synthetic Light flicker
  • Earth Magnetometer Testing around the bedrooms
  • Contact Current Testing
  • Low/Infra Frequency sound (not an EMF)
  • Solution management
  • Shielding design & installation management
Indoor Air Quality Consultation (IAQ)

Indoor environmental detection of sources and identify solutions for many types of air quality issues.

  • Dust and particulate assessment
  • Volatile organic chemical assessment & interpretation
  • Moisture/Humidity/Microbial growth concern recommendations



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