RF Shielding Foil

This RF Shielding Foil is designed to block many of the outside radio frequencies that are beyond your control.

A radio frequency meter will detect radio frequencies that come from within your home as well as outside. For the radio frequencies that you cannot control, our Aluminum RF Shielding Foil can be put up as an effective barrier against exterior sources of radio frequency exposure. The RF shielding foil was designed to be put up during new construction and renovation under drywall, plaster, and stucco, as well as on rooftops under shingles and in attic and crawl spaces. If you are worried about the levels of radio frequencies in your neighborhood, it is a good idea to invest in a radio frequency meter before buying additional shielding materials.

This radio frequency shielding material is just one of the many products we offer at NotoxCity.  Browse our incredible RF meter options and other radio frequency shielding material like our mesh, fabrics, and window film for protection in your home, workplace and cars.

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Aluminum Foil Tape

Self-adhesive, Solid Aluminum Tape used to secure the joints between overlapping pieces of RF Shielding Foil. 2″ x 150′ (48mm x 45m)

The Aluminum Foil Tape is applied to joints between overlapping pieces of RF Shielding Foil to ensure there are no shielding gaps.  

  • Solid Aluminum
  • Acrylic Adhesive
  • Width 2″ (48mm)
  • Length 150′ (45m)

RF Shielding Foil

Basic Interior Radio Frequency Shielding Protection – Aluminum RF Shielding Foil –  Sold in 125 foot rolls, 4 ft wide.

Our Aluminum RF Shielding Foil is designed to block analogue and pulsed digital signals from exterior sources such as Microwave Transmitters, Cell Phone Towers, neighbours / neighbors Cordless Telephones, Wi-Fi signals, Smart Meters and more. The foil also offers an effective barrier against Low Frequency AC Electric Fields when grounded.

RF Shielding Foil was designed for new construction and renovation. It has excellent RF shielding qualities and is a very versatile product that can be applied under drywall as a vapor barrier, under shingles on roof tops, in the attic, under stucco and plaster.  

  • Excellent High Frequency RF Shielding characteristics
  • Effective barrier against Low Frequency AC Electric Fields when grounded.
  • Electrically Conductive
  • Weather Resistant
  • Can be used as a Vapor Barrier – not breathable
  • Heavy Duty / Tear Proof
  • Flexible and light weight which allows for an easy installation
  • Safe to handle and non-toxic