Books about electromagnetic fields and health.

Cell Phones. Hidden Hazards in the Wireless Age – Dr. George Carlo

Essential reading for the 100 million Americans currently using wireless phones, this thoroughly researched and documented cautionary work stands alongside of such classics as Silent Spring and The Coming Plague.

With news reports proliferating of the possible connection between brain tumors and cell phone use, Dr. George Carlo was hired by the cell phone industry in 1993 to study the safety of its product. In 1999 funds for Dr. Carlo’s research were not renewed, and the industry sought to discredit him.

Undeterred, Carlo now brings his case to the public with a powerful assessment of the dangers posed by the microwave radiation from cell phone antennas–disruption of the functioning of pacemakers, penetration of the developing skulls of children, compromise to the blood-brain barrier, and, most startlingly, genetic damage that is a known diagnostic marker for cancer–as well as a presentation of safeguards that consumers can implement right now to protect their health. …the authors raise serious questions about the integrity of the cell phone industry and the FDA.

–San Francisco Chronicle: “The authors raise serious questions about the integrity of the cell phone industry and the FDA”

Co-author: Martin Schram



Carroll & Graf Publishers

22x229x152 mm


January 2002

1st ed.

ISBN 9780786709601

Doubt is Their Product – David Michaels

How Industry’s Assault on Science Threathens Your Health

JRS: Still 100% applicable to industry tactics to pollute scientific research with “nothing wrong” results.

A former government regulator reveals how the tobacco industry’s duplicitous tactics created a multi-million dollar industry that is dismantling public health safeguards, in an expose of how the regulatory system has been further undermined by the Bush administration to favor polluters, the manufacturers of dangerous products, and unscrupulous corporate interests. “…A powerful, thorough indictment of the way big business has ignored, suppressed or distorted vital scientific evidence to the detriment of the public’s health.”-Nature.

Read the 7 page ‘Doubt is Their Product’ article by author David Michaels in Scientfic American



Oxford University Press

254 x 171 x 25 mm

384 pages

April 2008

1st ed.


Electromagnetic Fields – B. Blake Levitt

A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves

With ubiquitous electropollution from cell phones/towers, powerlines, computers, and wireless devices, this eye-opening book is the best resource for parents, community planners, healthcare professionals, and scientists alike. Winner, 1996 Award of Excellence from the American Medical Writers Association. From the earth’s natural electromagnetic background to “Green” EMF safety designs, Electromagnetic Fields explains which illnesses are associated with artificial radiation, how technology impacts human health and wildlife, and how to live more safely. “If you’re looking for the plain unvarnished truth and the best available advice, this is one book you should not miss.”-Robert O. Becker, M.D., author of Cross Currents and coauthor of The Body Electric. “Other authors have dealt with EMF questions, but none with the clarity and evenhandedness of B. Blake Levitt. This book avoids the extremes of over-dramatization and understatement and delivers the important information in a cool and lively manner.”-Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D., J.D., coauthor of Electromagnetism and Life, and The Electric Wilderness.



Authors Guild

222 x 152 x 13 mm

464 pages

December 2007

1st ed.

ISBN 9780595476077

Disconnect – Devra Davis, PhD

The much-anticipated, explosive expose of how cell phone use damages brain cells, especially in children, by one of the world’s foremost scientific experts in the field.

Devra Davis presents an array of recent and long suppressed research in this timely bombshell. Cell phone radiation is a national emergency. Stunningly, the most popular gadget of our age has now been shown to damage DNA, break down the brain’s defenses, and reduce sperm count while increasing memory loss, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer. The growing brains of children make them especially vulnerable. And half of the world’s four billion cell phone used by people under twenty.

Davis, the founding director of the Toxicology and environmental studies board at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, takes readers through the dark side of this trillion-dollar industry. Health experts have long been frozen out of policy-making decisions about cell phones; federal regulatory standards are set by the cell phone industry itself. Cell phone manufacturers have borrowed the playbook of the tobacco industry. One secret memo reveals their war plan against reports of cell phone dangers.

Among a host of fascinating characters, Davis introduces Om P. Gandhi, a world expert on how cell phone radiation penetrates the human brain. Once a consultant to major cell phone companies, Gandhi now refuses to work with them. Franz Adlkofer led the multi-lab study that showed once and for all that brain cell DNA is unraveled by cell phone microwave radiation-and, as Davis dramatically portrays, it nearly cost him his career.

As this eye-opening call to action shows, we can make safer cell phones now. Why would we put our children at risk of a devastating epidemic of brain illness in the years to come?

Watch Dr. Devra Davis in Documentary on wifi and health from ABC Catalyst

Ted Talk Dr. Devra Davis ‘Rapid Fire – What Brain and Sperm Share and Why Care’

Overpowered – Martin Blank, PhD

[JRS:] Martin Blank has written this excellent book ‘Overpowered’ that I recommend wholeheartedly. Martin Blank is a scientist and pioneer with a 30 year track record and top publications in the field of EM radiation and health. The book is subtitled “What science tells us about the dangers of mobile phones and other devices in the Wifi-age”. And thanks to the New York publisher Seven Stories Press, this book is very nice to read.

Together with a group of 190 scientists from 39 countries, on May 11, 2015, the author of the book made an insistent appeal to the United Nations to finally do something about the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation in our environment (video).

Keys, wallet, cell phone . . . ready to go! Cell phones have become ubiquitous fixtures of twenty-first-century life, suctioned to our ears and stuck in our pockets. Yet, we’ve all heard whispers that these essential little devices give you brain cancer. Many of us are left wondering, as Maureen Dowd recently asked in the New York Times, ‘Are cells the new cigarettes?’ Overpowered brings readers, in accessible and fascinating prose, through the science, indicating biological effects resulting from low, non-thermal levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (levels considered safe by regulatory agencies), coming not only from cell phones, but many other devices we use in our homes and offices every day.

Dr. Blank arms us with the information we need to lobby government and industry to keep ourselves and our families safe.



Seven Stories Press

15x210x140 mm


October 2015

1st ed.

ISBN 9781609806200

The Powerwatch Handbook – Alasdair & Jean Philips

JRS: The strong point of this book is the practical focus on reducing low-frequency magnetic and electric fields from e.g. household appliances and high-voltage lines, which are associated with childhood leukaemia in 9 scientific studies.

Are you keeping safe? Electrical wiring and appliances, overhead power lines, machinery, photocopiers, mobiles and cordless telephones, radio masts, TVs, tube trains, x-rays and laser beams are amongst the hundreds of everyday items that are now known to give off high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can be biologically active and capable of making changes to the structure of human and animal cells which are exposed to them. Long-term exposure is believed by an increasing number of scientists and environmentalists to be connected to tumours, fertility problems, behaviour and mood changes, concentration and memory loss, and also to affect melatonin production and impair our immune system repair mechanisms. The Powerwatch Handbook is a simple no-nonsense guide to EMFs and how to reduce their harmful effect. Alasdair and Jean Philips present their information in a practical, positive and lively way, in an easy-to-follow handbook style. EMF levels are graded using a star rating system, high level items are highlighted, and practical tips given in step-by-step, bullet point form.

Alasdair & Jean Philips setup Powerwatch, which has been researching the links between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and health risks for about 25 years, and is completely independent of government and industry, to provide a range of information and equipment to help the public understand this complex issue and protect themselves against hazards.

The authors’ royalties from the sale of this book are being donated to the CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA Charity. A link between childhood leukaemia and electricity was first revealed in 1979. Three decades on, the evidence continues to strengthen but we still don’t understand the underlying mechanisms. CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA is the main charity funding research into the various causes of childhood leukaemia, including electricity.




215 x 137 x 24 mm

June 2006

1st ed.

ISBN 9780749926861