Low radiation network and device accessories

Products for hardwiring your network, and for reducing electromagnetic radiation exposure from your wireless devices.

iPad / iPhone hardwired adapter, Apple certified

Set up a wired Internet connection on your iPad® or iPhone® over a standard LAN Ethernet cable. This Belkin / Apple adapter provides a technically measurable elimination of electromagnetic radiation from wifi and cellular connections.

Super stable 180 Mbps connection, no more wifi connection drops.
Compatible with any iPad and iPhone with standard ‘Lightning’ charging connector.
Apple MFi-certified (‘Made for iPad/iPhone’).
Wifi is two-way traffic. For each bit of data sent from the wifi router, a confirmation is sent back by the iPad or iPhone. Wifi radiation coming from the iPad and iPhone is strong and the device is held very close to the body. Especially with data intensive applications like video, the wifi radiation is very high. This adapter completely eliminates wifi radiation by hardwiring the Internet connection. You can put your iPhone or iPad in Airplane mode with wifi turned off and still surf the Internet and use apps that require an Internet connection.

Did you know that: A shielding case for the iPad in many cases does not actually reduce wifi radiation when measured, because most of the wifi radiation is emitted from the iPad towards the screen side.

Android phone? This adapter doesn’t fit it. You can try the Plugable micro USB adapter (only on selected phones, not on Samsung, LG and Windows Phone). Buy Plugable micro USB adapter on Amazon. (List of suitable phones)

How to use

Connect the iPad / iPhone hardwired adapter to charging port below the Home button, called the ‘Lightning’ port. Then connect a LAN cable from the adapter to a LAN port of your router. Now you have a completely radiation free Internet connection to your iPad or iPhone!

Radiation Free Airtube Headset 3.5mm

These Radiation Free Airtube Headsets address the issue of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phones. By using an air-filled hollow tube, the EMR is not conducted along the wires that lead into the ears as in ordinary headsets. These high quality and robust headsets preserve the sound quality while reducing harmful EMR.

Suitable for any phone, tablet, or other electronic device with a 3.5mm audio jack (iPhone, Samsung, etc.)

iPhone 7 or newer? Apple has decided to remove the standard headphone jack from its phones. But fortunately there’s a simple solution in the form of a small accessory: Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter.

IN LINE MIC/SWITCH – Built in microphone with on/off/play/stop switch
EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY – High-performance speaker for perfect sound and clear communication
EARPIECES FREE OF MAGNETIC FIELD – The loudspeaker is mounted in the in the sonic concentrator so that there is no magnetic field close to the ears
METAL SHIELDED WIRE – Twisted copper wire to prevent pickup of high frequency EM radiation
M, L size eartips for a custom fit
GOLD plated 3.5mm/4P plug.

Hirschmann INCA 1Gbps Internet over Coax Adapter

The Hirschmann INCA 1Gbps Internet over Coax network adapter transmits the Internet signal over the existing coaxial TV cable in your house. This is entirely without electromagnetic emissions because coaxial cabling is shielded. You can have access to hardwired high-speed internet throughout your house without the need for new wiring!

Do you have existing television coaxial cables in your house? Then there is no need for new LAN wiring!
Stable, robust and ultra-fast 1 Gbps network, very suitable for streaming HD video, low-latency applications etc.
Easy to install.
You need at least 2 adapters. Network can be extended with 3rd, 4th adapter and so on.

Power supply via USB.

The INCA 1Gbps is equipped with the newest global standard MoCA chip: the fastest and most reliable in hardwired network technology today.

LAN Ethernet CAT6 S/FTP network cable

Shielded CAT6 S/FTP (Shielded Foiled Twisted Pair) network cable

Contrary to ordinary UTP network cables (Unshielded Twisted Pair), this S/FTP CAT6 cable is shielded with foil around (and also around each separate twisted pair inside) which strongly reduces the electric field around the cable.

Gigabit Ethernet USB 3.0 adapter

Add an Ethernet port to your laptop, Chromebook or other device via USB. This USB 3.0 Gigabit adapter gives you more stability and greater speed than wifi, and above all, zero radiation!

Real measured speeds over 700Mbps on USB 3.0 and Gigabit network.
Automatic driver installation via Windows Update on Windows. Functionality built into Linux kernel from 3.9 onward.
Not supported on Mac OS. Not recommended for Lenovo Yoga 2/3. Compatible with docked Nintendo Switch, or handheld mode with compliant USB-C to USB 3.0 solution.