Harmonizers in the EMF world. Do they work? Does wearing a bracelets, chips, pendants, magnets, crystals even putting a piece of paper in your wallet stop EMF’s?
The answer is no. They cannot stop Electromagnetic Fields. What Harmonizers are attempting to do is change the quality of the EMF to be less damaging. How much less? I don’t know. It is very challenging to prove their viability.

Unfortunately, the anecdotal evidence reporting back from client’s experience is that they do not experience benefit. Many of our clients already use them, and while some have noticed a degree of improvement, many are still symptomatic even though they have chips on every electronic device in their home.

Lets try lowering are EMF first.  Take a look here: https://benchmarkemfsolutions.com/electromagnetic-radiation-at-home-5-ways-to-limit-exposure

I very much like the idea of harmonizers, but I have no way of knowing how well they work.

My take on it is we need to first lower the quantitative toxins in the home and then if you want add a harmonizer.

Great Article here: https://createhealthyhomes.com/education/cellphone-chips/

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