A group of people were poisoned last week in Pitt Meadows due to high levels of Carbon Monoxide.

Today’s toxic gas I want to talk about is Carbon Monoxide(CO).

Health Effects

Carbon Monoxide effects the cardiovascular system, lungs, blood, and the central nervous system.  Carbon Monoxide in low concentrations can cause fatigue in healthy people (flu) and chest pain in people with heart disease. At moderate concentrations, impaired vision and coordination; headaches; dizziness; confusion; nausea; hallucinations; cyanosis (appearance of a blue or purple coloration in skin). At low levels feelings of paranoia like a haunting. Can cause flu-like symptoms that clear up after leaving the space that contains the elevated concentrations. May be fatal at very high concentrations.

Acute effects are due to the formation of carboxyhemoglobin in the blood, which inhibits oxygen intake leading to reduced brain function.


Building guidelines are less than 9 ppm.  Canada regulations say less than 10ppm in the home. I usually find about 0 – 6, on the rare occasion I can find over 10. Carbon Monoxide detectors typically start at 50 ppm.  There is a gap of monitoring that is missing. We know that biological effects happen at 10ppm.

Where does it come from?

Combustion. Improperly vented furnaces, fireplaces any sort of combustion in the home.  Attached Garages. Close the garage door right away? It will seep right into your

home so i

f you have concerns have your space tested. No more lab samples. No more waiting.

Additionally, the real-time measurements form my equipment allow me to hunt down the source of toxic gases in your home.

Let’s work together to make sure any concerns or air quality issues are resolved so that you have a healthy home!

What I use to measure Carbon Monoxide.

Direct Sense Probe 2 probe from Gray Wolf.  It measures in real time, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide. Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and relative humidity and temperature.  You can find the link in my equipment used section.


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