Great News! I now have high caliber, incredibly accurate equipment to do a full air quality assessment in a home or office. The same equipment used for LEED option 2 occupancy for indoor air quality. All my Air Quality equipment is from Graywolf: Particulate Monitor, Formaldehyde Monitor and a toxic gas probe for Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, Humidity and Temperature. Everything is then visible and logged on my computer in real time.

Here are two examples of where this equipment was of great benefit to gather instant information and avoid costly lab tests.

1 – I recently went to test a home for a concern of formaldehyde off gassing from furniture. It was at a low acceptable level. I then discovered a poorly balanced gas stove that was producing , carbon monoxide and ozone at toxic levels! Way above Canada Health guidelines.

2 – I had a client who was having their carbon monoxide detectors going off regularly. Carbon Monoxide was at a very low normal level. They ended up having wiring errors causing an electromagnetic field that was damaging the batteries of the detectors!

I go into homes and offices never knowing what I will find, but with my highly accurate equipment and a little intuition I can find the root of all problems. Then together we solve them. If you have anyone you know who I may be of service to, please have them reach out at anytime. If also required I can do specialized sampling for specific chemical toxins in your air.

Thank you. We will get back to you within one business day.