Safeguarding Home from electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is all around us. It is energy transmitted through electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) and though it cannot be seen, smelled, or touched it takes on many different forms such as radio waves, microwaves, X-Rays, and gamma rays. 

We’re surrounded and exposed to ever-increasing levels of man-made EM energy forms such as power lines, cell phone towers, computers, cellphones, microwaves, radios, X-Ray technology, and more.

As a result, biologically active man-made EMFs are at the root of mounting health concerns. Globally, health issues related to electromagnetic sensitivity are on the rise. Health challenges and diseases linked back to electromagnetic sensitivity include — allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, neurological disorders (such as autism), autoimmune diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Identify sources of electromagnetic radiation to reduce exposure

Completely avoiding electromagnetic radiation is all but impossible. The best mechanism for protecting yourself from the toxic effects of man-made EMFs is to reduce/limit exposure. The first plan of action is to protect your living space by identifying and understanding common sources. 

9 Common EMF Sources and examples

  • AC electric fields: AC voltage in electrical installations, cables, appliances, outlets, walls, floors, beds, high-tension, and other power lines.
  • Dirty Electricity: Transformers, chargers, technology, LED lighting, electric cars, fluorescent lighting, newer furnace technology, solar panels, wind power, any variable speed motors
  • AC magnetic fields: AC current in electrical installations, cables, appliances, transformers, motors, overhead and ground cables, power lines, railways
  • Radiofrequency radiation: cell phone technology, RF transmitters, broadcast, trunked radio systems, line-of-sight systems, radar, military, cordless phones
  • DC electric fields: synthetic carpeting, drapes, and textiles, vinyl wallpaper, varnishes, laminates, stuffed toy animals, TV or computer screens
  • DC magnetic fields: components in beds, mattresses, furniture, appliances, building materials; DC current in street cars, photovoltaic systems.
  • Radioactivity: building materials, stones, tiles, slags, waste products, devices, antiques, ventilation, terrestrial radiation, location, environment.
  • Geological disturbances: currents and radioactivity in the earth; local disturbances caused by faults, fractures, underground water courses, large amounts of metal.
  • Sound & vibration(not an EMF): traffic noise, air traffic, train traffic, industry, buildings, devices, machines, motors, transformers, sound bridges.

5 simple cost-free ways you can limit your exposure levels at home:

  1. Forward your cellphone to your landline when you get home and then power off or put it into airplane mode. 
  2. Use corded phones, and unplug your cordless phones from their power sources when not in use. Particularly before bedtime. 
  3. Turn off your wireless internet router (WiFi) when not in use, especially before bedtime – and better yet hardwire your router via Ethernet cable to your computer(s) and disable your modem’s WiFi signal. 
  4. Maintain a distance of at least six feet between your bed and all electrical devices. 
  5. Before bedtime, turn off the circuit breaker that serves your bedroom(s).


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