NFA 1000 from Gigahertz in Germany.

This piece of equipment took 10 years to design and build and is crafted to hunt down the problem levels of EMF.

It is the first choice of EMR professionals throughout the world. Super accurate and my little work horse.  Measures the electrical world from 5Hz to 1MHz at -1db.  Super flat frequency response.

  • 3D potential-free electric field measurement 0.1 to 1999 Volts per meter
  • 3D measurement of the magnetic field 1 – 19990 nanoTesla
  • 3D means X-Y-Z axis in space and an accurate average
  • Or if I am trying to find out where the field is coming from direction I can switch it to a single axis.
  • Measures Body Voltage on the skin from 1 – 19999mV
  • Ability for extensive long-term data recordings
  • Records simultaneously on 4 recording channels (CH1-3) for desired 3D measurement and optional channel 4
  • Supplied a software interpret and document acquired data
  • Eliminates the need for X-Y-Z RMS calculations Ability to measure in single axis mode when necessary
  • Channel for recording Radio Frequency signals from my two other RF meters.
  • Integrated Body Voltage Meter
  • High frequency transient analysis for “Dirty Electricity”
  • Separate true RMS recordings of power line frequencies and harmonics (16.6 Hz | 50/60 Hz | 100/120 Hz plus even harmonics | 150/180 Hz plus odd harmonics | other frequencies < 2 kHz | all > 2kHz)
  • Broadband peak measurements (genuine peak of a wave)
  • Li-Ion rechargeable batteries for up to 48 hours of continuous recordings

“Know for sure” What EMF Levels you are being exposed to…



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