I have a few great pieces of equipment for monitoring air. Here is my Formaldehyde meter which is great for testing air quality in your Vancouver or lower mainland home!  Formaldehyde is a nasty carcinogen and causes respiratory illnesses. It is terrible for us at really low levels: 40 parts per billion is the limit for 8 hour period! I want your home well below 20ppb as I am considering long term exposure especially for children.

With this highly accurate meter I can make sure that it is. Our government is all over this toxic VOC and has placed heavy regulations on materials and products that come into the country. However, I have noticed that if you have too many low level off gassing products in the home it adds up to toxic mess!

Where does Formaldehyde come from?

Building materials used in the home, especially pressed-wood products, such as particleboard, medium density fiberboard, and hardwood plywood paneling, furnishings, some paints and adhesives, varnishes and floor finishes and permanent press fabrics. New homes are typically the worst places.

Smoking is a significant source of indoor formaldehyde. It can also be released from wood stoves, and fireplaces, if they are not properly vented to the outside. Vehicle exhaust entering from attached garages or outside may also contain formaldehyde.

Here is some great info from the government.


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